About Us

I take care of everyone’s glove as if it’s my own. Since relacing my first gloves in college over 30+ years ago, I’ve laced over 1,000 gloves with 100% satisfied customers. I only use top quality lacing (same vendor the pros use) to bring them back to life.  I have the fastest possible turnaround—1 day!

Do like the pros do, repair the glove with new, stronger lacing which will make it more reliable and durable that will last for years. Also I will condition the glove to help bring new life to an old friend.

I’ve only used two gloves since starting little league so long ago. I’m left handed so my dad had to buy a new glove instead of the old hand me downs from my older brothers. He bought two—1st base and fielders—hated the 1st base and never used it but the fielder, oh it was used and at college a lacing finally broke and so was I!! So I had to fix it on the cheap. That was a scary night.  But eventually retired the old friend when a hard softball took it out so and now after 3 decades on still on my second one.